Juletta enjoys collaborating with clients, and with business colleagues, to deliver wider support to entrepreneurs. These colleagues include:

Lisa Foulger

Lisa Foulger

Lisa is a passionate and inspirational executive leadership and entrepreneurial growth coach known to help leaders reconnect with their passion to embrace change, lead personal and professional transformation, take risks, develop talent pipelines, build highly engaged teams and deliver outstanding business results.

Lisa Foulger

Mike Knapp

Mike’s purpose is to create A-HA moments. In those moments, where something clicks, and you get it, the world changes, and we take a step forward together.

Over the last 20 years, Mike has helped more than 100 businesses take that step forward, first as a fractional leader and management consultant, then today as a strategic planning coach, guide and facilitator.

Mike’s most important roles are that of Daddy to his two little chaos machines and husband to his wife. He can be found out exploring with his family, cooking at his BBQ, teaching meditation and creating awesome experiences.

Lisa Foulger

Mike Stephens

Mike is a restless optimist, with a deeply held belief in the power of creativity and curiosity to change the world, hence his love of working with entrepreneurs. He loves to see the limitless possibilities in people and businesses and is always working on something new. His love of fantasy and eternal optimism drive an infectious imagination and a constant desire to do better.

Since 2018 Mike has led Entrepreneurial Spark, a global accelerator for entrepreneurs. As well as working directly with over 200 founders and CEOs, Mike has grown his own business to a market leader in the UK and launched in several international territories. His favourite part of running the business is creating new partnerships that allow people to thrive in his team; the partner organisations and the communities Entrepreneurial Spark serves.

Lisa Foulger

Ximena Collado

Ximena is passionate about human growth. She studied Marketing and Communication at Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey and is currently studying Semiology of the Everyday Life to become a consultant in self-knowledge and human behavior. She enjoys traveling and living in different countries and speaks four languages. She loves the thrill of organizing events such as conferences and weddings.

Ximena has previously collaborated with and worked at Disney World, TEDx, Ferrero, and the Growth Institute which is the official online learning platform for many of the world’s most successful business methodologies, including Scaling Up, Topgrading, and The Great Game of Business. During her time there, Ximena guided business entrepreneurs from all over the world and their teams by coordinating their programs and being the connecting bridge between the entrepreneurial teams and the expert coaches. This role gave her the opportunity to work directly with the creators of these world-renowned methodologies and learn from them.

As a partner with AIESEC, she has hosted international volunteers and given them a home while they travel to Mexico and run different charity projects.