Juletta Broomfield

Hello, I’m Juletta Broomfield, your Growth Guide and Accelerator

Over a 30+ year career, I’ve worked and/or coached in startups, midsize companies and large organizations.

  • 15 years in Startups
  • 25 years in Corporations and Government new businesses
  • 18 years leading her own businesses – coaching and consulting entrepreneurs and corporate leaders
  • Challenger, Individualist, Positive Thinker
  • Born in England, lived in Europe, Asia, North America and Central America
  • Mother of 2 based in Costa Rica, England and France!
  • Certifications: Scaling Up, Gravitas Impact, ExO, Fundraising, Designing Nudges, Multipliers, Outcome Driven Innovation Process, Regenerative & Vertical Leadership Development, Master Practitioner of Great Game of Business Process, Positive Intelligence (PQ) and Mindset Shift.

I rarely write about myself, so not used to describing myself. British reserve, I guess.

I prefer to spend my time thinking about how I can add value to my client entrepreneurs and help them multiply value to their customers.

This overarching focus motivates me to deeply explore and apply all sorts of knowledge from positive mindset and evolving leadership models to the latest global trends and transformations in different industries.

I am first and foremost an entrepreneur thanks to my farming parents.  Growing up with my three brothers and sister, I received early lessons on the difference between hard and smart work.  I also experienced firsthand the meaning and anguish of managing cash and cash flow as I watched my family business go bankrupt.  I have no doubts that cash is King and cashflow is Queen.

Today, I am a business coach who partners with impressive leadership teams around the globe.  I’ve packed a lot in my 30+ years of professional career.  I’ve lived and worked in amazing cultures in four Continents and honed my expertise and experience in launching startups and scaling businesses in and outside of huge corporations like HSBC and HP, as well as leading national, innovative consulting gigs for four governments.

I’m passionate about helping Founders and CEOs grow their small and medium-size businesses.  They are the growth catalysts and lifeblood of families and economies.  When I am not investing time with Founders and CEOs, my give forward is coaching young leaders. Among these budding entrepreneurs are female business owners, some of whom are struggling in a game that does not empower diversity… yet. I coach all young leaders in the same way – to work within the system if it rewards or beat the system playing by different rules!

Adding value to client relationships and businesses is what I love doing – with my husband and ALGrowth business partner, David Stubbs, and our growing number of collaborators!

David Stubbs photo

David Stubbs – Co-founder ALGrowth

David is a financial advisor and serial investor. He left the UK in 1984 and has been living and investing internationally for close to four decades.  Traveling to 60+ countries, David has made more than 50 real estate investments in 9 countries across 5 continents.  During a 25-year career in high technology, his day job, he lived in the UK, Belgium, France, Singapore, Hong Kong, and California.

David has over 30 years of management and executive experience. He has founded and run multiple investment vehicles and private companies. He now works with a select set of clients advising on a variety of financial topics – from founder finance, to the challenges of scaling, to key transitions.

During the pandemic, David worked very closely with clients helping them manage daily cash flow priorities – especially companies in the tourism segment, which were heavily impacted by the rapid business cycle changes.

His ideal engagement is a risk/reward business model which aligns with clients’ financial goals, forging deep mutual trust, faster decision-making, and impressive results.